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Santa Gertrudis is an experience in itself. It is located in the geographical centre of the island. Referred to as "the heart of the island" by the locals. Favoured by German and Dutch families it is home to the most unique shopping experience and a 360 degree gastronomic tour.  

Bazaar Favourites

This village is famous for it’s family friendly atmosphere and a very conveniently located Cafe "Musset" which directly faces the central playground. Many parents gather after school pick up and spend their leisurely  afternoons here. It is always a few degrees warmer in this pueblo as it is situated in the valley. 

There is a Gym here that offers kids classes, after school programs in the Santa Gertrudis main public school, public swimming pool and gymnastics classes in the next village over in Sant Miguel. Kids art sessions are offered in n’74 Atelier, a lovely restaurant buffet style with a range of healthy but hearty food. Pizzeria opposite the church belongs to an Italian family and boast the best pizza in town. 

Bar Costa that boasts only one item on the menu, the infamous bocadillo. 

Wild Beets which has a strictly vegan menu. La Chickeria which serves a spectacular Sunday roast experience and Macao cafe, a celebrity status Italian cuisine. 

Shopping in Rose means exclusive silks and velvets. Baron offers a range of designer organic textiles and styles for both men and women. Es Cucons has china and natural home decor for days. Galeria elephante is another one of the transformed country houses which from the inside looks more like a treasure box. Sluiz is a luxury style flea market, if you ever happened to see one – this is it. 

Insider Tip

Santa Gertrudis also offers a gem of a private school "Morna International College" following British curriculum and offering bilingual support. The campus takes you back to your school years and the well adapted, talented and smiling children will make you wish that this was the school you attended in childhood.

Property types

You can find here modern villas, old century fincas, country houses, farm land and apartments. Nearby there are two horse stables. We love to visit the Ibiza Country Club and the payes owner Vincente who preserves the peace in the mids of the hustle and bustle of the lively village of Santa G.

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