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Cala Bassa is a prestigious area in high demand, perfect for families who love the beach vibe and big personalities who appreciate time spent incognito. 


Bassa means "little pond" in Ibicenco, it was a place where local children used to play and it was decided by the island’s authorities that a canal is to be dug to the sea and fill up the pond which is now our beautiful Cala Bassa. 


The water there is a unique turquoise colour and the clarity of the water is astonishing and always warm. Boats are allowed to anchor here. 

Personal favourites

Cala Bassa is a home to Cala Bassa Beach Club where you can enjoy alfresco lunch and a siesta on the hummocks or day beds. 

Property types

As your personal real estate agents we would recommend this area for Families due to its child friendly atmosphere and quiet surroundings. 


Often our local Ibiza Eco activist groups arrange beach cleaning events here, where a lot of Ibiza visitors lend a hand and become part of the awareness program which is designed to remind tourists and part time visitors to take care and cherish our incredible island. 

You can find many organisations such as For the Planet, Ibiza preservation fund, Pasedonia and many more. We even have our own island written books for children written to raise eco awareness in children and lead as an example for Ibiza preservation. Kio the Seahorse. 

Town Hall

Cala Bassa municipality is part of Sant Joseph town hall. You will need to go to Sant Joseph town hall if you want to request the Referencia Catastral as well as pay your taxes, apply for a remodelling, construction or a tourist licence and apply for residency.


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