Why Us?

 Everything We Do We Do Well Or Not At All

Ibiza is a magic island that is a force of nature and follows it’s own unique set of laws and regulations.  If you want to work with local property market experts and ensure a curated buyers experience for yourself, you have some to the right place, Bazaar Estate is who you want on your team.

Why buy with us?

7 Reasons to buy with us:

1.  Work with a team of dedicated professionals focused on  always putting you at an advantage.  Online on the weekends.

2.  We speak English, Spanish, Italian, German & Russian.

3. Over 400 hand picked properties and over 20 years of experience in the real estate market on Ibiza. These factors enable us to stay current in our portfolio and offer properties you wouldn’t find otherwise, directly from the owners.

4. Due to our curated network, we find out first about off market opportunities to offer you.

5. Receive an honest service that you can rely on while searching and buying a property as well as while moving into your dream home.

6. Financially we always negotiate the best offer possible, as well as provide access to financial and legal advice including mortgage.

7. Our first hand connection with local government & all luxury property owners ensures for you the best professional support on the island.


7 Reasons to sell with us:

1. Work with a team of high achievers wired for success. "We measure our success by our clients satisfaction."

2. 20 years of experience in local real estate. We love this island & respect her local people, which gives us an advantage in terms of connection and communication when it comes to Ibiza politics and mentality.

3.  We value our property owners and maintain a very close professional relationship with them while sourcing the perfect buyer.

4. Due diligence on the property is carried out prior to offering your location to any specific buyer.

5. Once the due diligence is complete, Bazaar offers a complementary staging and photoshoot for the portfolio with their signature photographer.

6. We have access to active serial buyers and collaborate with exclusive international portals as well as private members clubs. We study the needs of the buyers as well as carry out due diligence on them, before making the connection to our private villa owners.

7. We do not see other agencies as competition but as an opportunity to collaborate and grow professionally. "Always open for business."



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