Exclusive selection of high-standard properties for sale with a deep appreciation for aesthetics.

Ibiza’s boutique agency, specialise to offer an exclusive selection of high-standard properties. With a deep appreciation for aesthetics, we meticulously curate each listing to ensure it represents the perfect example of luxury living on the island. Let us help you find your dream property, where every home reflects elegance, charm, and unique style.

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€41,000 – €60,000p/ Week

Ref: P5311

€23,750 – €48,000p/ Week

Ref: P4171

€15,750 – €35,875p/ Week

Ref: P1201

€70,000 – €130,000p/ Week

Ref: P1841


Ref: P594


Ref: P474


Ref: P417


Ref: P318

€30,800 – €80,850p/ Week

Ref: P228


Ref: P184