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San Vicente is situated northeast of the island. The smallest, rural village only 3 km away from Cala de Sant Vicent with bubbling atmosphere created by various restaurants an a beautiful walk along the coast. 

Bazaar Favourites

Here we have our personal favourites: "Hidden" bar, which is a very festive as well as a child friendly place. Perfect for a family outings, gathering with friends or a romantic evening. Serving delicious food and tasty soundscapes.  "Ibiza Boathouse", a quirky restaurant that is staged like an antique boat serving you Mediterranean seafood classics.

Property types

As your private real estate agents we would suggest that this location would be most suited for individuals who value peace, privacy and long hikes in a beautiful rural nature. Of course this is a place where you can find old century fincas that are ready to be remodelled. Farm land is not recommended by the sea.

Insider Tips

When looking at purchasing a property, Ibiza really stands out from central Europe. As Baleares are considered to be their own kingdom, they also have their own specific laws. When purchasing a property in Ibiza, you will notice that the process really differs from that of main land and central Europe in general. 

One of the main things to look for is a document titled Referencia Catastral, a government issued blueprint of the land and property you are interested in purchasing. There are five denominations that the land is labeled as and they are as follows: IN – natural reservation area, highly protected, it will be difficult to obtain a construction or remodelling licence for the properties here. Urban – an area in the city,  village ie. an apartment in an edificio. Rustic  – agricultural farm land and Rural – a mix between urban and rustic. 

With the change of ruling political parties the denominations can also change and you will need to receive an updated version of this document from the corresponding town hall. 

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