BAZAAR ESTATE is a NEO Generation Property Agency designed not only to provide you with an excellent service but to deliver a full sense experience on your search for the desired property.

Wether you are looking for a modern apartment, with front row access to the party scene of the island, or a rural dream estate, to celebrate the Grande Boheme,
We will help you find it at the BAZAAR ESTATE.

Find your dream Ibiza home with Bazaar estate.
Browse our unique portfolio of exclusive properties.
Inquire for “off the menu" pieces.
Our 20 years of experience in European and Asian property markets will ensure a smooth operation.
Enjoy your effortless move to Ibiza with Bazaar Estate.

BAZAAR ESTATE is here to entertain your whims and realise your goals, as well as guide you to experience the island at its best.


is composed of two extraordinary personalities

Olga 10 years of experience in the high profile property market, “Penny Lane Realty“ Moscow.
Irina 21 years on Ibiza. Authentic first hand connection with local government & all luxury property owners in BAZAAR ESTATE’s database.

Our Story

Our joint professional expertise enables us to provide
the highest quality service when it comes to finding your perfect home.

The best thing about Ibiza is:
its cultural and ethnic diversity & the exquisite natural vistas.

We want our clients
to discover the multidimensional beauty of Ibiza,
a place that also becomes a home for your unique soul.

We are here to help you do it,
rather than leave you thinking “what if I did?

Get In Touch To See What’s Possible For You

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